Youth Advisory Groups – YAGs


Youth Advisory Groups (YAGs) advise Community Service Agencies, Department of Mental Health Area Offices, and other mental health services on how to reach, engage, and provide welcoming and appropriate services for youth and young adults.

“My voice is being heard.” – YAG Member

What Do They Do?

YAGs engage in outreach to provide accurate mental health messages and information for young adults and their families. They work to end the stigma of mental health conditions by organizing and participating in community events and creatively utilizing both traditional and social media.


How Do Young Adults Get INVOLVED?

The agency holds informational meetings from time to time to attract membership, but youth are welcome to participate at any time by contacting a YAG in their area (To connect near you). YAG members receive compensation for participating (gift cards, cash or checks). Meetings are typically held once or twice per month and include food, conversation and interactive activities, along with, planning outreach and advising the agency. YAGs are open to all young adults, and they do not need to be receiving services to participate in the YAG.



Different Ways Youth Advisory Groups Impact the Community

  • Addressing the stigma of mental health challenges through activities such as participating in the “Burst the Stigma” campaign and creating a narrative video on YouTube addressing stigma
  • Using social media such as developing YAG Facebook pages
  • Presenting at both state and local conference and meetings
  • Developing youth friendly outreach materials and resource guides
  • Conducting outreach to transition age youth and young adults and local agencies serving transition age youth
  • Impacting the community through voluntary projects

YAG Resource Guide