Young Adults Who Are Parents

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Young Adult Parents
Family Options
– Employment Options, Inc.
82 Brigham Street
Marlborough, MA 01752
(508) 485-5051
– Family Initiatives at Employment Options offers a continuum of programs for custodial and non-custodial parents. The Family Initiatives programs are developed and designed to reflect the strengths, and address the needs of parents in recovery and their children. Through the many programs offered through Family Initiatives, parents can receive peer support, family coaching, parent coaching, peer mentoring for young pregnant and parenting adults with mental health conditions, and legal support, among other resources.


Children's Trust

Children’s Trust of Massachusetts
– 55 Court Street, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02108
The Children’s Trust leads statewide efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect by supporting parents and strengthening families. They reach families across Massachusetts.
They fund over 100 family support and parenting education programs in communities throughout Massachusetts. Some of the programs they offer for parents include Parenting Education and Support Groups, Massachusetts Family Centers, and Healthy Families, which provides home visiting specifically for first-time parents under age 21. Other areas include their fatherhood initiative, and One Tough Job (see below).
To find out more about each program, visit the above link and click on the “For Parents” tab at the top of the page.

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One Tough Job
– The Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund created One Tough Job to support parents by providing them with current, reliable, and practical information on a variety of parenting topics related to raising children from infancy through adolescence. They provide information on topics such as Positive Parenting, Health and Safety, School and Child Care, and Growth and Development.


MA Alliance on Teen Pregnancy

Massachusetts Alliance On Teen Pregnancy
– 105 Chauncy Street, 8th Floor #804
Boston, MA 02111
Their mission is to advocate statewide and mobilize communities to prevent teen pregnancy, to increase opportunities for youth and young parents, and to empower young people to make healthy decisions about relationships, sex, parenting, and life. They provide resources for pregnant and parenting teens such as the Benefits Access Project, Teen Parent Rights, and Teen Parent Programs.
To find out more, visit the above link and click on the “For Teens” section.

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24/7 Parental Stress Line: 1-800-632-8188
Parents Helping Parents
108 Water Street
Watertown, MA 02472
Parents Helping Parents is a nonprofit organization focused on preventing child abuse by offering free parenting help and support.
PHP’s prevention philosophy is grounded in a self-help model based on the belief that parents are capable of developing their own solutions when given the space, encouragement, and community resources that they need.  Thus, it is the parents themselves who decide the direction a conversation will take during a Parent Support Group meeting or Parental Stress Line call.
To find a support group near you, go to

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Massachusetts Department of Public Health Family Planning Program
– Division of Primary Care and Health Access
250 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02108
The Family Planning Program promotes and provides comprehensive family planning services, which include clinic-based services and may include community education and outreach. These services are targeted to adolescents and low-income residents in Massachusetts. Family planning services aid individuals and families in making choices regarding the spacing and number of their children. Family planning is an integral component of the Department of Public Health’s efforts to prevent unintended pregnancies and STDs including HIV/AIDS, reduce infant mortality and morbidity, and improve the health of individuals and communities.