What Are Peer Mentors?

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What Are Peer Mentors?

The STAY Project provides resources to the CSA to hire Peer Mentors, who are young adults with lived experience of mental health challenges and/or system involvement, to provide purposeful and culturally appropriate one-to-one support to assist Transition Age Youth and Young Adults (TAYYA) to achieve their goals. Peer Support Services (PSS) are an increasingly recognized component of mental health care and research has shown that PSS facilitates recovery and reduces costs.

“I asked a young adult why she felt that she could return and graduate from a high school that she disliked and previously dropped out of. Her response was ‘I have the greatest support in the world now’. She was my first assigned youth, it took her two months to engage. She is proof that I can do my job, and that peer mentors can make an impact.” – Peer Mentor

What Peer Mentors Do?

Peer Mentors:

»» Engage TAYYA who are considering services

»» Provide individual mentoring with TAYYA to work toward the young adult’s goals

»» Share experience, knowledge, support and practical assistance to build skills

»» Help TAYYA find their voice and prepare for team meetings

»» Inspire hope for a sustained recovery

»» Provide information and resources on employment, training, and educational opportunities

»» Support their own recovery