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In 2013, the Department of Mental Health received a four year, $4 Million grant from SAMHSA
(Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) – for the STAY (Success for
Transition Age Youth) Together in partnership with Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative
(CBHI). The mission is to increase access and services at Community Service Agencies (CSAs)
throughout Massachusetts for young adults (18-21) and to create a state/community strategy to
better meet the mental health needs of young adults.

Currently, the grant supports 22 young adult Peer Mentors at 12 CSAs. These young adults bring lived experience and are able to connect and provide a unique understanding in supporting other youth and young adults. In addition, CSAs are trained on Achieve My Plan (AMP!), an enhancement to
Wraparound, designed to place young adults in charge of their care planning process. Young Advisory Groups (YAGS) provide input to CSAs and young adults participate in System of Care meetings to ensure that young voice is infused into services and systems.

STAY is supporting groups for parents/families of TAY and working across agencies to address the unique needs of TAY with multi-system involvement. At the Department of Mental Health STAY is leading a new TAY work group to address transition issues.

STAY is aligned with the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health’s goal for Young Adults:
To help young persons embark on a positive life path into adulthood – toward the goals of
personal stability, community housing, employment, education and positive family/social

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