YASS (Young Adult Skills Spotlight) Series – June 2021 Trainings for Young Adults

Who: Young Adults

What: The goal of the Young Adult Skills Spotlight (YASS) Series is to introduce YOUNG ADULTS to valuable communication and career development skills in a fun and engaging way. Each interactive seminar can be attended for just that one skill or you can attend all five to receive the maximum benefit.

When: Wednesdays in June from 12:00-2:30PM

Where: Virtual on Zoom (See Below for Registration Links)


Overview of YASS Series: 

1. 6/2/21: Enhancing Communication Strategies 101 – Do you want to know how to listen, understand, validate, and relate to people to have stronger and more effective communication? Would you like to have fewer arguments and more positive interactions in your family and your circle of friends where different perspectives are valued and affirmed?
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2. 6/9/21: Identifying the Right Volunteer, Internship and or Job Match for You– Discover what your strengths are and how to leverage these positive traits to create a vision and develop a plan to obtain a position that you will enjoy going to everyday.
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3. 6/16/21: Learn How to Effectively Search for and Apply to Volunteer, Internship or Job Positions in your Area. Come learn the steps in applying for a position that is right for you and how to gather the information you need to apply in person or on-line. Create a resume that highlights your strengths and learn how to present these skills to an employer in the best way possible. Acquire the skills needed to conduct an effective job search.
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4. 6/23/21: Enhancing your Communication Strategies in your School and Work Life –Learn how to advocate for yourself and communicate your needs at school or in the workplace. Practice ways to describe your situation and how to have your voice heard in an effective way to lead to more productive outcomes.
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5. 6/30/21: Preparing to Ace your Next Interview – Come learn the top ten questions in an interview and how to answer them in a way that gets you the volunteer opportunity, internship position, or job you have always wanted. Learn how to highlight your strengths in a way that gets you the position you want. Identify examples from your personal and/or work experience that will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are the person for the position.
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For more information, contact Kim Bisset, Ed.D, at 978-956-956-4848 or at kim@radiatecareers.com.

Also visit the Radiate Careers website: www.radiatecareers.com