Burst the Stigma

This was our campaign for May Is Month!

These are the guidelines from our May event.

More videos are on this page!

The hope is to encourage young adults as well as individuals of all ages to continue standing up against stigma is it pertains to living with a mental illness. The bursting of a green balloon water balloon is powerful and symbolic; and sharing video footage is a fun, engaging way to share the message. All individuals are welcomed to participate.
You are free to the Burst the Stigma in any way you’d like, throwing balloons on the ground, bursting a balloon over your own head etc. Burst the Stigma in any way you feel comfortable sharing. Please state how/why you burst stigma:

“I burst the stigma by…”

“I’m bursting the stigma because…”

“I’m bursting the stigma for…”

After stating your stigma burst, you can nominate/tag others to join in the Burst the Stigma campaign. Please be respectful in terms of nominating/tagging individuals, and consider nominating groups (i.e. agencies or organizations). We do not want anyone to feel pressured in participating.
If you would like your video(s )posted on the Website, Twitter and Facebook of SpeakingofHope.org, please email the videos to Jon at admin@hearvoices.org. If not, please post the videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. with the Hashtags:



Stay tuned for our May Is Mental Health Month 2017!

If you have any questionsplease email Joel Danforth at joel.danforth@state.ma.us.

 BtS balloon